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Unbelievable in
printing for 25+ years

During our 25+ years of being the best printing press in India. There are many words we have printed, but we dislike 'compromise' the most, and we like 'innovation' the most.

As one of the high-end printing presses in India, we constantly innovate and adapt fast to the current trends, so you get only the best when you come to us.

Since our inception, we have aimed to set a global standard for printing and packaging. This mission drove us to break barriers and adopt the latest technology, for instance, becoming the first LED UV printer in Gujarat or finishing over 175 million labels in a month.

This is why, without a hint of doubt, we ensure you don't have to make any compromises.

A person is comparing the color for box packaging printing
Color cartridge for book printing and binding

We also don't believe in the
existence of a 'small client'.

We print for all clients irrespective of their size and stature with everything from brochures to labels and sleeves. And we also believe in closing all the accounts promptly and maintaining a cordial environment both within and outside the company.



Square Feet Facility


Square Feet Facility





A brief history of
Amba Multiprint


Amba is founded

We started production in 1998 from a small rented premise of 2000 square feet located in Ahmedabad.

1999- 2004

Amba's journey of turning less into more

As our journey as a Commercial Printing company had just begun, it was full of ups and downs owing to limited resources and less industry knowledge. But with the arrival of advanced binding machines & a Dominant 2-colour offset printing machine, we turned less into more. We printed more Commercial Print with more clarity.


Amba expands rapidly

The period between 2005-2010 witnessed the rapid expansion of Amba's printing businesses. In-house commercial printing facilities were now available after we brought in several state-of-the-art printing machines.


Amba develops further

We began our establishment as one of the leading offset printing presses in Ahmedabad. Our combined capacity exponentially increase as the binding unit was moved during this time to another rented facility of 2000 square feet.


Amba's terrific evolution

In the year 2015, we purchased new land in GIDC (Gandhinagar) to expand our operations. An 18,000 square feet property with all the state-of-the-art facilities one can imagine.

With the move to our new facility in 2016, we had a complete in-house set-up for world-class commercial printing, equipped with all the latest technology.


Amba Explores Different Verticles

In the years 2017 and 2018, Amba started two new divisions respectively- the Carton Packaging division and the Labels & Shrink Sleeves division. During the subsequent years, to ensure smooth and productive operation and to meet the incoming increasing demands in both divisions, we kept upgrading our facility & workforce consistently.


Amba Establishes a Humongous Facility

By the year 2021, Amba grew to be a renowned name in the printing industry and projects flooded us one after another.

Due to the surge in demand from the customers, we shifted our base of operations to Chattral and began the establishment of a humongous and contemporary plant that stretches across 1,70,000 square feet.


Amba's Meteoric Growth

The avant-garde facilities and equipment at our Chattral plant have pushed us to be one of the biggest & technologically-advanced packaging & label converters in INDIA. We became one of the most popular packaging solutions companies across the industry.

Due to new machines being highly efficient and faster in productivity our entire production capacity increased by more than 20 percent, meaning we are now capable of delivering on your demands. No matter how big they are.

CMYK color model by AMBA Offset printing and packaging

Our CMYK of values

CMYK color model by AMBA Offset printing and packaging


Our greatest foothold in the industry has always been our collective concentrated effort. Even when we were just a small printing press in a small rented building till now in our 1,70,000 square foot factory, the trust placed in us by our clients and employees has moved us to become the biggest printing house in Gujarat.

CMYK color model by AMBA Offset printing and packaging


Much like our printers we maintain meticulous observation over all our goings on and dot to dot basis. We believe in attention to detail and not missing even a simple piece of information.

CMYK color model by AMBA Offset printing and packaging


In our two decades of existence, the motivating force that has kept us going has been our need to constantly serve our clients, employees, and society in general in any way we can. Although it may seem impossible we make it our mission to change the world one print at a time.

CMYK color model by AMBA Offset printing and packaging


Our constant updation far exceeding the industry standard has equipped us to be providers of infrastructure we can be proud of. Our Komori presses which print more than 45 million cartons every month are just one of the many examples of our technological prowess.



In the late 90s, it was unthinkable to have all printing and packaging needs meeting in one place, but today, we offer an umbrella of solutions under one roof. We offer everything, from large format printing services to minute and detailed digital printing solutions.

Kasoori Methi packaging carton box by AMBA-offset printers

Packaging Cartons

Custom Shrink Sleeve Printing Labels on two glass jar

Labels & Shrink Sleeves

Hanging the Printed Commercial custom calendar

Commercial Printing

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The people
who took the effort

In the beginning, we were called Amba Offset. It was a long and rewarding journey to become Amba Multiprint.

We along with our employees concentrated our energy on two fields-packaging and printing.


It was through this endeavor that our business was able to strive and transition through the print age into the advent of digital printing. That's why even when there were times when it seemed like our business would stand still in the early 2000s, we broke through to reach 25 years in Gujarat and all over India.

We wouldn't have reached where we are today without our people.